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We automate administrative activities using technology to save instructors’ time by reducing the amount of boring paperwork. They can now concentrate more on providing the learners with individualized attention, teaching resources, and feedback as a result. We develop learning management systems for the administration, documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational programs and other types of training. 

Education Solutions That We Provide

  • Learning management systems

  • Course management systems

  • E-learning applications

  • Admission management systems

  • Online assessment systems

  • Education application platform

  • Academic administration systems

Financial Services

Make your work easier and more organized through the use of software development in the financial sector. We work with small and large enterprises, such as companies, fin-tech organizations, insurance and reinsurance companies, and more. With advanced connections, paperless secure data, and regulation, investment in financial software development will boost the industry. 

Our financial software development services

  • Finance application platform

  • Investment banking

  • Mobile and internet banking apps

  • Investment advisors

  • Mortgage and loans

  • Digital finance and accounting

  • Accounting software integration

  • Cash management solutions

  • Mobile payment processing

Health Care

To satisfy the demands of healthcare customers, we assist in integrating software solutions. We develop useful healthcare apps that facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals. We provide people with the health literacy they need to enable simplified workflows and improved patient-caregiver interactions through the creation of online platforms and applications. 

Our financial software development services

  • Appointment management system

  • Healthcare regulatory compliance solutions

  • Custom web, cloud, and mobile applications

  • Healthcare analytics solutions

  • Real-time monitoring solutions

  • Hospital information dashboards

  • Invoice management systems

  • Patient information systems

Logistics and Transportation

Through simpler logistic business software, the delivery of goods can be safer and more profitable. We’ll work with you to design more sophisticated logistics solutions. We offer effective, customizable warehouse management solutions that simplify difficult logistical procedures by incorporating cutting-edge technology like IoT and cloud computing. Additionally, we facilitate intelligent forecasts that assist logistics participants in making better decisions and effectively managing their inventory by enabling real-time data visibility regardless of time or location and empowering predictive analysis. 

Logistics segments we provide

  • Supply chain operations

  • Warehouse management

  • Transportation management

  • Stock management

  • Accounting & finance

  • Risk management

  • Simplify planning, booking, and ordering of shipments

  • Asset tracking and management

Travel and Hospitality

The hospitality and travel industries are growing more and more cutthroat. You may provide clients with services that are more pleasant and convenient through software development. With technology serving as the primary medium for communication and impressing the target market, investing in software utilization will give businesses a significant competitive advantage. 

Travel and hospitality segments we serve

  • AI-based chatbot development

  • Travel intermediaries and travel suppliers

  • Travel ticket booking systems

  • Payment integration in booking systems

  • Travel management services & booking APIs

  • Solutions for accounting, reconciliation, contract management

Real Estate

Our technology and real estate industry experts offer flexible solutions that automate and streamline business processes for a range of real estate tasks. Lelav’s novel solution approach encourages better communication and collaboration by integrating multiple technologies into a single platform. Due to its extensive features, top real estate experts consider it to be the best property management tool available.

Real estate solutions we provide

  • Commercial real estate management

  • Construction and development

  • Accounting and finance management

  • Custom reporting tools and analytics

  • Property management

  • Property maintenance and inspection

  • Property investment

  • Payment solutions

Retail and E-commerce

In a competing market, software usage has been a powerful uplift for businesses, delivering more customer satisfaction, and collecting insightful data to modify products and services. Making use of Lelav company’s software offers, to see an ever-progressing industry using the latest technologies. Using new or old data, we assist retailers in learning more about consumer purchasing habits and behavior.

Retail solutions we provide

  • Product information management

  • POS management

  • Payment security

  • Field sales applications

  • Online shopping carts

  • Transportation management

  • Warehouse and inventory

  • Billing and payments