About Us

We are a startup company originally from Kurdistan region in the North of Iraq. We have the guidance of professionals and our processes are all conducted with great deal of precision and advice. We overcome challenges of the region and the corporations through software inventions. We value teamwork and have a flat structure which makes us unique in the entrepreneurship market.
As technologies were first introduced in the west, most companies like to have a western name. We wanted to mix the software practice with a Kurdish name to represent us. Lelav means the union of the two process of melting ice and freezing water, just as ideas and concrete materials produce software.
Dilovan Matini

CEO Saying

“I believe in teamwork and the value of cooperation to create efficient works which advance the country, through the use of software and hardware technology. Here at Lelav we place high value in ethics and hard work, and we believe that our work will make a huge impact on the community.”

Words From Clients