Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions about software development services.
  • What should I know before contacting you?

    The most crucial factor to consider is what you hope to achieve. I need this software, but why? For what use? What can it do? When ordering a software application, it is important to have a clear vision in mind. Without knowing what you want, it is a waste to spend months building it with us.  Since we have experience creating projects from scratch, we will also be happy to assist you in getting started.

  • Do I have to know how to use technology to work with you and order software? 

    We're here to help, so you don't need to be an expert in software development. If you have any experience in that area, please share it with us. Otherwise, we are happy to walk you through the entire procedure and explain everything. Keep your needs in mind, and we'll provide what you need. 

  • How long will it take you to create my application?

    We must first construct a project scope and a budget in order to respond to you precisely. After at least a month of work, we will be able to tell you how much of that scope can be achieved within the budget and give you an estimate of how long it will take.

  • Do you object if I participate in the app development process?

    In no way! We want you to feel certain that you'll get the product you want. We invite you to critique and enhance our work at every stage, from conception to completion. Our philosophy is to collaborate with the client rather than merely do assignments. We're always willing to talk and listen.

  • How do we adhere to intellectual property laws?

    With all of our development teams, we have signed our own Service Agreements. The agreements make sure that the developer fully transfers ownership of the intellectual property to the corporation while maintaining secrecy. When you choose to outsource your project to us, we enter into a software outsourcing contract that gives your business full ownership of all intellectual property.

  • I have ideas but not enough money to develop it?

    Lelav company’s goal is to invest in creative, and helpful technologies which advance the community forward. We offer free development of such innovative projects, with taking a percentage of every project sold by the client.


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