Professionals from technical and functional disciplines come together at Lelav to produce inventions which boost jobs' forward through technology. The CEO of Lelav Tech has more than 15 years in software development. He has worked as a freelancer for multiple industries since 2006. Lelav is a startup company in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, in Duhok city. Beginning in 2022, the company works with professional programmers and researchers to transform ideas into reality.

Our company values transparency and trust among its staff and customers, we aim to advance our community and maintain high ethics in our business. Through creative ideas and teamwork, we produce results which both help our clients and develop every sector to make a more advanced world.

Dilovan Matini

CEO Saying

“I believe in teamwork and the value of cooperation to create efficient works which advance the country, through the use of software and hardware technology. Here at Lelav we place high value in ethics and hard work, and we believe that our work will make a huge impact on the community.”

Words From Clients